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What is Vicodin 75/750mg used for? 

Vicodin 75/750mg exists in its family as a lower subset. However, it contains the active element in high proportion.

Misusing it can cause the life challenging side effects such as irregular heartbeat and extreme drowsiness. Therefore, use it as directed under the prescribed norms and directions. Hence, if you neglect the standards so you will be liable for future concerns.

It is a potent analgesic and contains two active elements; hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone stands as the opioid pain suppressant, but acetaminophen exists in nature as a non-opioid pain reliever. These both chemicals work unitedly in the system but for different goals-

  • Acetaminophen operates its mechanism inside the system to control or manage the body’s temperature.
  • In contrast, hydrocodone functions by degrading the grade of pain to offer relief instantaneously.


                      Vicodin 75/750mg is not safe and healthy in children below six years due to its potent properties. It has the potential to generate the life-threatening side effects in children. The side effects range might exist between moderate to severe.

Thus, meet the doctor to know about their ways to deal with illness. The doctor may direct other medicines and therapies as per your health status and age factor. However, if you have taken the dose mistakenly and face severe life challenging side effects, seek emergency medical help.

At the initial phase, one may encounter dizziness and drowsiness due to its active element. But these symptoms will be faded away as stability exists in the system. After 2 to 3 days, if you experience these symptoms, meet the doctor as soon as possible and stop its consumption if the doctor says to do so.

Central goal and non-mentioned of Vicodin- 

The doctors prescribe Vicodin 70/750mg for the management of ongoing moderate to severe pain. Using it to address the pain is a primary goal. However, as a secondary choice, it can be used to treat other medical conditions.

Implementation of this medication for non-mentioned goals should be practiced only when the doctor directs to do so. In case if you use it for off uses with self-perception. So, you may encounter Vicodin side effects. Therefore, use it only for the directed purpose in a prescribed manner.

Strength and duration may go up and down under the expert observation. The dosage and treatment duration is decided after examining the numerous health characteristics such as-

  • The functioning of internal organs
  • Previous medical history and disorders
  • Sufferer’s age and other factors

Treatment factors and duration- 

None of the subsets are prescribed for long term consumption due to adverse results. Therefore, healthcare generally offers it for short term usage such as 2 to 3 weeks. Although the treatment duration is decided after analyzing several factors. So, the treatment duration differs from one to another.

To know about your adequate treatment duration, meet the professional. In case if you decide the treatment range with self-knowledge so it might be harmful. Usage of this medicine in a prolonged duration can cause unwanted side effects such as Vicodin addiction and dependency.

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