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We are committed towards the protection of personal information given by a user. We only use the personal information of an individual if they have willing to provide us. We do not force someone to submit their information without consent. We assure you that the use of the data is meant for individual details. There is no involvement in any other activities that respect the information gathered by the user. In any manner of circumstances, we would not force you to provide your personal information without your consent. 

If you are over-cautious regarding the confidentiality of your personal information, they we politely request you do not share any of your information with us. To obtain any service from the website, you will have to register yourself by giving your personal details. Whatever we will ask you as necessary information, you will have to submit each one of them.  We will ask you to provide only that information which is required to contact or delivery regarding your deal with the website. 

If you are using our services whether reading information from our website or purchasing products,  it concludes that you agree to our privacy policy. You are requested to keep a regular check on our privacy policy because we will never notify or inform any of the users regarding the modifications or changes in the policy. You are responsible for checking the alterations or changes in terms of our privacy policy. If you are willing to make any deal or continued access through our website, you need to agree with our terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. 

Committed to the protection of the user:

We assure you about the security of the user who visits our website or makes any deal with us. Whosoever visit ever website, we make sure that they feel protected and friendly with the use of our site. We assure you that our website provides all the information regarding pharmaceuticals and medication; there is no pornography or adultery involved in or with our website. We are here to take every necessary step to protect user experience on our site. Also, we make the complete protection of your individual information provided to the website.

In any manner, we will not reveal your personal information to any other individual or entity. The information you have shared with us will be used as per the requirement only towards your benefit. We shall never share your knowledge and keep it confidential as long as you are using our services. Once you terminated using our services or closed the user account, we will shut your account forever. Even after you left our services, we shall never use your information for our personal use. Hence, any deal or submissions of any information on our website will remain confidential always. 

In respect to the concern of non-personal information, we keep monitoring and analyze the site logs occasionally. This is done for the purpose to assess the collected usage trends to serve the requirements of the users most efficiently.  

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