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What is the usage of Levitra 60mg? 

Levitra 60mg is a potent medication. It is being used to treat the impotence and erectile dysfunction in males. It works by improving the blood flow in the penis chamber to provide a harder and more prolonged erection. 

The initial dosage may start from the lowest mg to reach a high dosage. It also prevents you from mood swings, lack of libido, and premature ejaculation. 

There is a hormone in the male body called testosterone, which is responsible for physical and sexual growth. Testosterone level falls by 2 to 3% per year after the age of 30. Low testosterone levels may cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues. 

FDA and sexologists approved the usage of Levitra in 2003. It maintains your sexual life smooth and healthy by curing the above mentioned sexual dysfunction. 


There are several directions marked by the health experts, which you have to keep in mind while using the vardenafil 60mg. You may fall under the influence of side effects if you are skipping the prescribed manner of dosage and treatment.

  • Alcohol- It is not recommended to consume alcohol and other intoxicants with vardenafil 60mg. These substances may influence the mechanism and functioning rate. Their interaction may cause a psychological disorder. 
  • Other drugs- you cannot have other drugs and Levitra 60mg together. They may commune inside the system. You will be answerable for future ends if you are doing so. 
  • Recommended dosage- the dose and strength may vary patient to patient due to mental and physical fitness. You have to persist on the adequate amount. However, it can be increased with a doctor’s consultation. 
  • Overdose- the recommended dosage of vardenafil 60mg is one tablet per day. You may fall under the influence of side effects if you are absorbing more than the prescribed dosage. It may influence your sexual strength if you are taking it in excess dosage abruptly. 
  • Doctor’s prescription– Levitra 60 mg should be used with a doctor’s prescription. It may affect your mental and physical health status if you are taking a high dose without recommendation. 

Which is better, Levitra 60mg or viagra? 

  • Levitra 60mg and viagra both have the same central function. They both work to treat erectile dysfunction. 
  • Levitra leaves the system quickly than viagra. Viagra may stay longer than the Levitra. 
  • These drugs can’t be used if you are running under nitrates medicines. 
  • Both drugs can form side effects if you are misusing or abusing the medication. 

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