Xanax Color by Strength

Xanax Color by Strength stands in the market as the highly prescribed medication because of delivering instant relief the anxiety symptoms. In the USA, Xanax is going to become the most prescribed benzodiazepine. As per the survey of 2017, there are 50 million prescriptions of Xanax comes out each year. Furthermore, Xanax came in the market in the mid-1970s under FDA’s norms. There are two variants available in the market; generic and brand edition. Both variants function in the same manner but may vary in prices.

This medication begins mechanism within 1 hour after the consumption of Xanax dosage by producing a euphoria feeling. Additionally, euphoria is a type of feeling wherein one feels too happy and relaxed. And that is the chief reason it is highly misused in the USA. 

It exists in numerous colors, shapes, power, and imprint. Moreover, each strength is differently practicable under different rules. Thus to know which variant is suitable for you, meet the professional. The expert goes through the necessary factors such as health status, medical history, and other treatment. If you take such medication without the doctor’s approval, you may fall under the side effects of Xanax.

As mentioned earlier, Xanax misuse is increasing day by day globally. The easy availability on the street is a major reason behind its abuse. And even surveys tell that Xanax is the most abused medication in the united states. Hence, Xanax functions by managing the chemicals that lead to anxiety and its related disorder. 

The initial dosage of Xanax begins from 0.25 to 0.5mg to manage the anxiety symptoms. However, the Xanax dose may go up and down if the necessity comes to do so. Furthermore, you should not increase the dosage without the doctor’s approval. If you do so, you may fall under the Xanax side effects such as addiction and mental dependency. 

What do the different colors of Xanax indicate? 

Xanax is a prominent medication and activates in many colors, as mentioned earlier. It is also known as a tranquilizer drug because of releasing calming effects during work. This medication’s availability in multi colors is that every creator tries to give a different imprint and identification to make its approach in the market. Xanax is available in the many strength and color by doctor’s approval for instance-

  • Green three-sided tablet with the power of 3mg 
  • Oral oval with the strength of 0.5mg 
  • White five-sided pill with 0.5mg power
  • Peach football shaped pill with the strength of 0.5mg 
  • White oval with 0.5mg power
  • White rectangle pill with the strength of 2mg 
  • Blue round with power of 2mg 
  • Blue oval pill with the strength of 1mg 
  • Yellow four-sided pill with the power of 1mg 

To know more about these colors Xanax so go through the information given below. But, before executing any point, meet the doctor. The doctor goes through the necessary factors. If the doctor doesn’t find this medication suitable for you, he may direct different therapies according to the necessity and suitability. 

Green Xanax bar-

  • Most pharmaceutical creators produce this form of medication and deliver it to the market. 
  • Each creator tries to give a different imprint on this medication to make their identity in the market. 
  • This form of Xanax contains the active element in the same proportion to the white and yellow Xanax bar. 
  • The result and action of the mechanism are highly compatible with R039 and G 372 2 bars. 
  • As per the survey, most of the producers add the active alprazolam in a 2mg ratio. And 2mg of Xanax exists as a high dosage. Therefore, be under supervision during the treatment. 
  • Green Xanax bars come in the market in many shapes such as rectangular, oval, and round, with the dosage strength of 2mg to 3mg. 
  • Being available in the oval shape, green Xanax bars are also known as football Xanax with 1mg power. 
  • It takes to be melted in the system with fewer effects of sedation. 
  • Notable, green and white Xanax is similar in the active properties, but still, hulk Xanax is stronger than the G 372 2. 
  • During the survey, people revealed that green ones are more effective as associated with other color Xanax. 

White Xanax bar- 

  • This type of Xanax exists in the market in numerous shapes such as oval, rectangular, and triangular. 
  • It is also prominent as white stick amongst the consumers. 
  • Creators add the active alprazolam in the 2mg, which boosts it to function in the system. 
  • The maximum of Xanax is 4mg a day, so the 2mg of the white stick is also high. Thus, use it as per the guidelines under the right approaches. 
  • It delivers the high effects of sedation within 1 minute of usage or consumption. 
  • The usage of these medications should be stopped gradually over time under doctor’s surveillance. Suddenly stopping this medication can cause adverse effects.
  • Every pharmaceutical creator gives different white Xanax bars such as X ANA X 2 and G 372 2.

Peach Xanax bar- 

  • Peach Xanax is prominent as orange Xanax and activates in the market in oval and football shape.
  • It contains the active alprazolam in less amount than other Xanax bars “0.5mg”. 
  • Doctor give this form to patients who are under mild anxiety symptoms. 
  • The dosage may go up over time if the necessity arises to do so.

Blue Xanax bar- 

  • Blue Xanax bars consist of active alprazolam in 1mg and available in several shapes such as oval and elliptical. 
  • To take the Xanax dose of 0.5mg, one can split this medication into two equal partitions. 
  • FDA classifies this form in the schedule 4 controlled substances, which indicates it is not safe to use without a doctor’s prescription. 
  • It is safe to use if you are using it under the prescribed guidelines and norms. 
  • Round blue Xanax has an inscription of 0 31 R on one end by creator Actavis. 
  • The cost of one blue Xanax bar pill over the counter is approximately $2. However, it may vary from one state to another due to taxes and pharmaceutical guidelines. 

Yellow Xanax bar-  

  • This is the most popular form of Xanax amongst the other color. 
  • It contains the active alprazolam in 2mg and seems similar in the action of mechanism to white stick bars. 
  • The differences in the color take place because of the availability of numerous pharmaceutical creators. 
  • The creator gives the imprint of R 039 on one end and no mark on another end.
  • The cost of 1 pill of yellow Xanax bar in the united states is around $4. Investigation reveals that R 039 tablets are more potent in the mechanism rate than the white and green Xanax bar. 

Purple Xanax bar- 

  • Purple Xanax came in the market by pharmaceutical creator known as Pfizer. 
  • It consists of active properties in 1mg and triggers in the round and elongated shape. 
  • Creator Pfizer has an imprint of 1.0 on one end, and the other end is blank. 
  • None of the Xanax colors are recommendable to use women who are under pregnancy and nursing. This medication can cause danger results on infant health. 
  • Hence, children less than 18 years should avoid this medication’s use as it can lead to severe outcomes. 

Pink Xanax bar- 

  • Pink Xanax is new strength of alprazolam with a highest dosage of 0.5mg. 
  • It is the most suitable dosage for the anxiety and panic attack dosage at the initial stage. 
  • Bars pink activates in the market in many shapes such as round and football. 
  • This medication is available by prescription only, but addicted people get it from their friends or non-authentic sources.

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