Tramadol for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

What is PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)? 

PMS, or Premenstrual Syndrome, is the term used to describe symptoms that appear before your period. Emotional symptoms like depression or irritability can also appear as symptoms, as can physical symptoms like bloating or breast pain. These symptoms typically appear one to two weeks before the beginning of your menstrual cycle and recur around the same time every month.

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol medication is commonly used for moderate and strong pain which works for severe pain relief. This medication comes in a class of drugs known as opiate (narcotic) analgesics. Generally, people use this medication for pain when other pain medication is unsuccessful in reducing pain. Tramadol medication is a synthetic opioid and it affects the brain and central nervous system to reduce the pain that a person is feeling. However, Tramadol works directly on opioid receptors in the central nervous system and reduces feelings of pain by interrupting the way nerves signal pain between the brain and the body. This medication is for short-term treatment, taking this medication for the long term can cause side effects.

Tramadol usually comes in different forms, one of them is the extended-release form, this form of tramadol is usually for around-the-clock treatment of pain. This form of tramadol is not for other kinds of basic pain.  

How does Tramadol work for period cramps?

Generally, opioids work by attaching themselves to the opioid receptors. These receptors are the messengers that help to provide signal pain to the brain. Usually, when an individual takes tramadol to get relief from cramps, it attaches to these receptors. Moreover, the opioids stop sending them the signals. As a result, the individual feels relief from cramps. So, using Tramadol for cramps is a better solution. But, taking it with the prescription gives you more benefits. 

Furthermore, you can order tramadol online. There are many different strengths available such as Tramadol 50mg, Tramadol 100mg, and more. You can order tramadol 50mg online. Also, if you want to get tramadol for menstrual cramps online, you can buy it easily.

Does Tramadol help with period cramps?

If you’re suffering from painful cramps, you may be wondering if tramadol is safe to use. Tramadol is a common prescription pain medication that’s typically used to treat moderate to severe pain. It’s also sometimes prescribed off-label to treat other conditions, like fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. Generally, Tramadol is safe. 

Tramadol medication has few side effects, such as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea or vomiting, and headache.  In some cases, some other side effects of Tramadol Tablet can also be seen. These side effects of Tramadol Tablets are usually temporary and go away with the completion of the treatment. Tramadol can also contain serious side effects in some cases, such as seizures and serotonin syndrome.  If these side effects become worse or do not go away, talk to your healthcare provider right away. If you have any medical conditions or are taking any other medications, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking tramadol. It is not usually recommended for the treatment of chronic diseases.

What are menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps also known as dysmenorrhea is unbearable pain in the lower abdomen. Many women face menstrual cramps just before and during their menstrual periods.

For some women, the discomfort is merely annoying. For many people, menstrual cramps may be severe enough to interfere with everyday activities for some days in every month.

Conditions like endometriosis or uterine fibroids can be a reason for menstrual cramps. You can reduce the pain by some effective treatments. Generally, menstrual cramps aren’t caused by another condition that tends to lessen with age and often improve after giving birth.

Furthermore, according to a report from the United Nations data, around 31.31 million females suffer from menstrual cramps. But except for this, several other symptoms creep in during or before periods. There are some symptoms before the period are given below including

  • Bloating
  • Mood swings 
  • Food cravings 
  • Swelling or tender breasts
  • Irritability 
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

These common symptoms do not necessarily show any severe health conditions. But it is not always true in all cases.

Tramadol for neck pain?

Tramadol is an opioid pain medication that is very effective in treating moderate to severe pain in any part of the body. Generally, opioids work by attaching themselves to the opioid receptors. These receptors are the messengers that help to provide signal pain to the brain.

As far as we know Tramadol is a commonly prescribed medication to treat pain and using tramadol to treat neck pain gives you positive results. Furthermore, many of the patients have a good experience with tramadol during their neck pain treatment. 

Because tramadol is an opioid medication. So it can make you addicted to it. Your healthcare provider may provide you with a lower dose in starting to treat your neck pain. 

However, it is important to take tramadol based on your doctor’s prescription because your doctor will provide you with tramadol dosage as per your health condition. Also, your healthcare provider provides a correct duration to use tramadol. Because taking it for a long term can make you addicted to it or can cause you serious side effects.    

How can I Buy Tramadol 50 mg online?

You can buy Tramadol online by following some steps and getting your medication easily and conveniently;

  • Firstly, you have to visit only the official website or page of Tramadol. Don’t visit any third-party websites. open the first option that is showing on your browser.
  • Choose Tramadol 50 mg strengths or dosage.
  • Check your dosage and move your medication in the cart with the help of the “add to cart” button.
  • Review your order and checkout.
  • Provide all your required information and contact information so you get your medication shipped easily by doorstep delivery.
  • Make your payment via PayPal, net banking, and credit/debit card. And if you have discount coupons, you can use them here.
  • After payment completion, your medication order will proceed further for delivery.
Is Tramadol 50 mg good for period pain?

Menstrual pain is not the same for all women. In some cases, women feel mild to no pain, and for other women, it can be severe. As a result, females often take some extra help to get relief from pain. Therefore, some effective pain medicines can help with the cramps. Generally, painkillers containing acetaminophen and pain relief medications, Tramadol, are great pain relievers for period cramps. So, if you buy Tramadol online, you should get in contact with a genuine online pharmacy. 

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic category of medication that helps to relieve pain by binding to opioid receptors in the brain. Specifically, tramadol medication inhibits serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake while also activating opiate receptors in the central nervous system. When these receptors are stimulated, they reduce the sensation of pain in the body.

What is Dysmenorrhea?

Dysmenorrhea is a kind of condition of menstrual cramps. Experience menstruator pain is not always a medical problem. 

Generally, dysmenorrhea has two types, Primary and Secondary. 

  • Primary Dysmenorrhea: in this situation, a person feels menstrual cramps. Also, experiencing symptoms like nausea and diarrhea accompany the pain. But, the good thing is the pain is without any health condition. 

It can happen due to natural uterus contracting causing cramps and inducing other symptoms. Furthermore,  these symptoms can last in the first one to two days of your period. Also, they go away on their own without any treatment. 

  • Secondary Dysmenorrhea: In this case, a person will start experiencing cramps early in their menstrual cycle. Here, pain can be severe and lasts longer than usual. It can last for more than three days of your period. However, mostly, other symptoms do not accompany this condition. 

Usually, the Second Dysmenorrhea pain occurs due to some health conditions, infection, or other problems. The problems occur in the female reproductive system. Therefore, the pain can be a result of other health conditions.

Tramadol for dysmenorrhea?

Are you suffering from extreme period cramps? Looking for a perfect medication to ease the pain? Tramadol is the right medication to treat dysmenorrhea. But before you take tramadol for cramps, you should consult with your healthcare provider. 

Menstruation is a natural process in the female reproductive system. This process involves the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and vagina. In brief, the ovaries produce eggs every month. The uterus creates a lining on the wall to support the baby as well. And each month due to lack of fertilization, the lining, and eggs release through the vagina in the form of bleeding. This process is known as menstruation. But, mensuration or periods come with a lot of other things. These are period cramps that most females experience.

What are the home remedies to treat cramps?

Experiencing pain can be difficult during periods. So, here we have some natural and effective methods to reduce your pain. Also, you can try home remedies for menstrual cramps. But except this, some foods help with pain management during your menstruation. These effective foods are:

  • Green vegetables: Green vegetables are very important for our body because they contain all the things that our body needs. Green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, etc. help to ease cramps. 
  • Fruits: Fruits especially citric fruits like oranges help you keep up with vitamin C. Also, you can use lemons as an alternative to oranges but oranges contain more vitamins than lemons. Furthermore, fruits like bananas are high in fiber potassium, and magnesium which provide nutrition to your body. 
  • Water: drinking enough water makes your body healthy. So, make sure your body is well hydrated throughout the time. You can consume some fruits that contain high quantities of water. 
  • Different Teas:  Teas have a soothing effect on your body. There are various teas you can use. For instance, chamomile tea possesses stress-relieving qualities. In addition, ginger tea or raspberry leaf tea has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with bloating and nausea. 
  • Smoothies: Smoothies are made from different leafy vegetables or fruits and they can provide you with a good amount of nutrients in your body. Therefore, you will get relief from period cramps.

How can I treat cramps by using Tramadol?

Usually, for primary Dysmenorrhea, you do not require any specific treatment. If your symptoms go away with your periods. However, some lifestyle and food changes can help to reduce your cramps. Similarly, for secondary Dysmenorrhea, you need certain treatments. Your doctor may decide your treatment after the diagnosis. Your doctor can ask you about all the symptoms and may prescribe certain tests. It may include an ultrasound. Therefore, your health will decide your treatment. In addition, your doctor may give you some painkillers. If you are experiencing unbearable pain, you can use those painkillers to get instant relief.

Medication: Tramadol for cramps 

Most painkillers come in the class of drugs known as opioids. Tramadol is what most doctors prescribe for period cramps. Because Tramadol is an opioid it acts as a quick pain-relieving medication. Tramadol for period cramps works as a very effective medication and gives a quick relief sensation. Therefore, people should use it as per consultation with a health specialist.

What food should I avoid during cramps?

Healthy food is very important for a healthy body and Your food decides your body’s health. However, it is important to get healthy food. So, some foods make the cramps worse:

  • Packaged foods
  • Excess sugars 
  • Fatty foods
  • Fried food items
  • Dairy products
  • Caffeine
  • Candies 
  • Beans 

We can understand that during menstruation time, a woman can experience different food cravings. However, instead, exchange those sugary items for fruits or pizza for a healthy vegetable pasta or green salad. 

Furthermore, these kinds of foods can cause natural chemical activity in the brain. Moreover, it can affect the prostaglandin levels. These foods will make your cramps worse.

What are the doses for period cramps?

There is some dosage information for tramadol oral tablets. People should take the dosage after healthcare provider consultation. However, your dosage, the form of your drug, and how many times you take the drug will depend on:

  • The individual’s age
  • Health condition
  • how severe your condition is
  • If you have other medical conditions 
  • Your reaction toward the dose
  • Forms and strengths

Tramadol form: immediate-release oral tablet

Strength: 50 mg, 100 mg

Tramadol form: extended-release oral tablet

Strengths: 100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg

Tramadol form: immediate-release oral tablet

Strength: 50 mg

Dosage for moderate to severe pain

In Adults (ages 18 to 64 years)

Immediate-release tablet:

The usual daily dosage: Total daily dosage may be increased by 50 mg as tolerated every 3 days to reach 200 mg/day (50 mg 4 times a day).

Normal dosage: 50–100 mg every 4–6 hours as needed.

Maximum dosage: 400 mg per day.

Extended-release tablet:

Starting dosage: 100 mg once per day.

Dosage increases: Your doctor may slowly increase your dose by 100 mg 

Maximum dosage: 300 mg per day.

If you’re currently using tramadol immediate-release tablets:

The starting dosage: Your doctor will determine your new dosage based on your previous immediate-release dosage.

Maximum dosage: 300 mg per day.

Child dosage (ages 0–17 years)

Immediate-release tablet:

Children’s dosage (age 17 years):

Typical daily dosage: Total daily dosage may be increased by 50 mg as tolerated every 3 days to reach 200 mg/day (50 mg 4 times a day).

Maintenance dosage: 50–100 mg every 4–6 hours as needed.

Maximum dosage: 400 mg per day.

Child dosage (ages 0–16 years):

It’s not verified if this form of tramadol is safe and effective for children who are younger than 17 years old. This medication is not used in children of this age group.

Extended-release tablet:

Child dosage (ages 0–17 years):

It’s not recommended if these forms of tramadol are safe and effective for children. People who are younger than 18 years, should not use this medication.

Senior dosage (ages 65 years and older)

In older and adults people’s liver and kidneys may not work as well as they used to. This medication may cause your body to process this drug more slowly. And then, more of a drug stays in your body for a longer time. It can raise your risk of side effects.

Your doctor may start a lowered dose first. This can help you to keep levels of this drug from building up too much in your body.

If your age is more than 75 years, your maximum dosage of the immediate-release tablet will be 300 mg per day.

People with Kidney disease:

Tramadol immediate-release tablet: If you are suffering from severe kidney problems, your doctor may prescribe you 50 mg to 100 mg every 12 hours. The maximum dosage of Tramadol is 200 mg per day.

Tramadol extended-release tablet: If you are suffering from severe kidney problems, you should not use these forms of tramadol.

People with liver disease:

Tramadol immediate-release tablet: If you have serious liver problems, your doctor may prescribe you 50 mg every 12 hours.

Tramadol extended-release tablet: If you are suffering from severe liver problems, you cannot use the extended-release tablet.

However, because drugs have different effects on different people, there is no guarantee that this list includes all possible dosages. This information is not accurate medical advice. People should always consult with their healthcare provider about dosages that are right for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tramadol good for cramps?

Yes, using Tramadol on the recommendation of your healthcare provider is safe and secure and also Tramadol medication is an effective medication to treat your cramps. 

Can I use Tramadol for period pain?

Yes, Tramadol is a common pain medication. This medication is also helpful in treating period pain. Therefore, many of the people shared their good experiences with Tramadol medication. 

Tramadol 50 mg for menstrual cramps?

Tramadol 50 mg is a commonly recommended dosage for the healthcare provider. This dosage is usually known as starting dosage and it will help you with your menstrual cramps. 

Can I order Tramadol 50 mg?

Yes, you can order Tramadol 50 mg to treat your period cramps. This medication an opioid and it very useful and common medication to treat moderate to severe pain. Also, this medication will be helpful to treat your pain.

How does Tramadol work for period pain?

work by attaching themselves to the opioid receptors. These receptors are the messengers that help to provide signal pain to the brain. Usually, when an individual takes tramadol to get relief from cramps, it attaches to these receptors. Moreover, the opioids stop sending them the signals. As a result, the individual feels relief from cramps. So, using Tramadol for cramps is a better solution. 


Altogether, when we go through the Tramadol for cramps details, many details of the menstrual pain management formula will be understood. The medication helps to relieve moderate to severe pain and also if people want to use tramadol for cramps this will be the best option. Tramadol works in the brain to change how your body feels. This medication is commonly used for moderate to severe pain management and, therefore, is prescribed for moderate pain. It works based on scientific research and uproots the basic cause of pain. But, a person should use the medication based on consultation with the doctor or healthcare provider. The painkiller supports healthy and safe pain management in men and women aged between 18 to 80. Even the Food and Drug Administration approves all the ingredients of this drug.

There are some habit-causing ingredients in this formula. Therefore, While taking it you must follow all the directions mentioned in it otherwise it will lead to addiction.

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