Sleeping aids: A curse or boon! 

Sleeping aids: A curse or boon! 

Sleeping Aids – These days everyone finds it difficult to fall asleep no matter how old you are. Even though teenagers often encounter trouble falling and staying asleep due to several issues such as career pressure, relationship anxiety and family atmosphere. However, sleeping issues get over time without special treatment as the situation turns back to a normal point. Although these issues remain with adults or teenagers for a longer duration so they may lead to chronic insomnia and other sleeping crises. 

People often try to find the solution to deal with such crises and start analysing treatment on the online platform. This way, they encounter the sleeping aids (medicines) for their sleeping solution. There are several types of medicines available to treat sleeping disorders, but functioning varies in each. It might be shocking, but yes women are more prone to sleeping disorders and get sleeping aids assistance more than men. Let’s know more about sleeping aids- 

Are sleeping aids( medicines) safe? 

Although, the probability is 50/50 to prove whether sleeping aids are safe or not. There are several facts that prove these are safe. For example- 

  • First of all, when the doctor directs you to use such medications. 
  • Secondary, when you adhere to precautions that come along with medication. 
  • When you avoid the recreational use of the medication. 
  • When you run the treatment as per the directed guidelines and normal.
  • You persist on the required dosage without manipulation. 
  • When you use it for the recommended period without manipulation. 

When sleeping aids lead to health issues? 

Sleeping pills are only beneficial when you use them as per the directed norms for a limited duration. These medications show effective results when you are using them under the surveillance of healthcare. However, this medication may have side effects on several conditions. 

  • One has to adhere to the limited treatment duration. If one increases the treatment duration without the approval of the doctor, one may encounter addiction and mental dependency. 
  • The side effects can be seen of these medicines if you skip the precautions and guidelines during the treatment. The side effects might range from moderate to severe on the scale. 
  • Children may meet life-endangering outcomes by using such medication. Therefore, children should altogether avoid the usage of such medicines. 
  • Taking the overdose of sleeping pills can lead to death and other dangerous results. Therefore, take the recommended dosage as directed. 
  • Avoid taking alcohol with this medication due to severe reactions inside the system. In case if you are under such material so avoid the dosage and take the next dosage after the complete elimination of the alcohol. 

What are the common sleeping aids? 

There are some common sleeping aids that are highly prescribed for short term usage due to thief efficiency. Hence, use them only when you are prescribed to use them.

  • Benzodiazepines such as temazepam and triazolam. 
  • Antidepressants such as trazodone. 
  • Doxepin 
  • Eszopiclone 
  • Lemborexant 
  • Ramelteon 
  • Sonata
  • Ambien 
  • Over the counter sleeping aids. 

Where to get sleeping pills online? 

There are several online pharmacies available where you can get the sleeping pills online. Although you should have the legal prescription in case if you don’t have one, get it from an online licensed doctor.   

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