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“Percocet 5/325mg- No more pain worries”

Percocet 5/325mg is a prescription drug and available online and over-the-counter with the legal script. 5/325mg is the second subset of Percocet’s group. It helps to cure the ongoing discomfort in adult bodies such as chronic pain (severe) and acute pain (moderate). This drug is the uniting of two elements-



  • It stands as an opioid pain reliever.


  • Therefore it activated in the brain to renovate how your body feels and reply towards the pain.


  • It exists in nature as a non-opioid pain reliever. 
  • Therefore, it runs to moderate the level of fever.

Caution- This drug should not be used if you have recently consumed tranquilizers, sedatives, or other narcotics medicines.

There are some more subsets of this drug that may offer you after examining your health media status. Moreover, it will be best if you start the therapy under doctor’s guidance with lowest mg if you are not familiar with opioids. There are some characteristics of this medication mentioned below so go through these points to know more about it-

Drug configuration- 

  • 5/325mg survives under the drug class known as opioid narcotics. 
  • Therefore, it operates to break down the transmission between the body and the brain by diverting receptors. 
  • It may turn as habit-forming if you are using it more than the prescribed period. 

Control status- 

  • It appears in the schedule 2 controlled substance. 
  • Therefore it has a high potential for drug dependency as correlated to schedules 3 and 4. 
  • Kindly run the treatment as directed by the physician without any manipulation.


  • 5/325mg has a blue color, round shape, and imprinted with Percocet 5.
  • Other strengths have different colors, imprint, and shape. 
  • Must take healthcare consultation before reaching under therapy to know about your adequate dose.

How to use percocet 5/325mg?

Read the medication guide and warning column properly before starting treatment. If you have any questions, so ask with your pharmacist and doctor when you get a refill. 

Do not break, chew, or crush the dose just swallow with water. However, if you are running under nausea so you may take medicine after the food. Consult with your doctor to know about other ways to suppress nausea. 

You have to omit the consumption of grapefruit while running under this medication. Grapefruit has the potential to increase the rate of side effects of this drug. Talk to your physician for further information. 

Kindly use a measuring instrument if you are using the liquid form of this drug because you may not get an accurate dosage with a household spoon.

The dose may vary from sufferer to sufferer due to health attributes. Moreover, the dosage may go up and down gradually as per the body’s necessity.

Kindly do not stop the consumption of this drug suddenly due to the high risk of side effects such as mood swings and backache. Talk with your physician if you are facing any issue with this drug’s consumption.

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