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Oxycontin OP 60mg stands as the fourth subset in its category. It exists in nature in a single variant, extended-release. Therefore, it is not recommendable to use on an as-basis need. It is applicable only for around the clock treatment. However, its generic version exists in nature in the immediate formulation. So, to know which one is best, seek medical assistance. 

The dosage, variant, and treatment duration is decided after analyzing several aspects such as- 

  • Age 
  • Sex 
  • Other ongoing therapies 

Thus, before implementing available information, meet the professional. The available data may vary from sufferer to sufferer due to different health capacities. Besides, doctors may direct other ways and therapies to deal with the disorder. Due to this, before applying any point, confirm it with the doctor. 

It is a blender of several chemicals. These chemicals work together to diminish the level of ongoing moderate to severe pain. Although medical authorities can accumulate this drug with other drugs to treat other dilemmas. In other words, you should use it for off goals when your doctor directs to do so. If you do so with self-assessment so you may encounter oxycontin side effects. 

Generally, oxycontin OP 60mg dosage and treatment duration are prescribed as per the sufferer’s condition. However, the general treatment duration is nearly 2 to 3 weeks. It may go up and down if the doctor finds the need to do so. But, if you exceed the directed duration or manipulate the treatment. So, you may encounter oxycontin addiction and side effects. The possibilities will be lesser if you are under the prescribed manner.

An addiction to opioids can be life dangerous. Therefore, these should be used as per the guidelines for the directed duration. The death rate due to opioids is increasing day by day, and most of the deaths take place due to prescription opioids. 

Cautions with oxycontin OP 60mg- 

  • Consumption of oxycontin by children younger than 18 years might be life-endangering. It has the potential to cause a barrier to the development of children. Therefore, meet the doctor to know about other therapies and medications. In case if you obtain it without recommendation so you may fall under its side effects. 
  • Using it in a non-prescribed manner or neglecting the norms can be fatal. The outcomes due to negligence might comprise irregular heartbeat and drowsiness. To avoid these consequences, run the treatment as directed without manipulation. The doctor can alter the therapy if he finds the necessity to do so. 

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