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What is Oxycontin 60mg OC used for?

Oxycontin 60mg OC is the sixth subset of Oxycontin family and also known as with its generic version oxycodone. It is a potent analgesic and available online & over the counter with legal Rx. It is being used under protocols to deal with ongoing chronic & acute pain, such as due to cancer. Moreover, it is an extended-release form. 

Caution- Avoid the use of extended-release version to treat mild pain. Moreover, this is not for as-needed use. 

Oxycontin activates in several strengths, and 60mg is one of them. To know your adequate and sufficient dose, so you have to consult with health care. Above all, don’t take higher power of this medication if you are not familiar with opioids. These strengths have the potential to cause death if used by a person not friendly with its drug class. To know more go through given below information-

Oxycontin OC 60mg Drug arrangement-

  • It arises in the family of opioid narcotic drug class.
  • Therefore, it operates in kind to transform how your body senses and reply to pain.
  • OC 60mg may become habit-forming if you are suppressing the precautions.

Control status-

  • It is seen in schedule 2 controlled substances. 
  • Therefore it has a high potential for addiction as correlated to schedules 3 and 4.
  • You mall under opioids side effects if you are obeying the standards of consumption.


  • OC 60mg has a red color, round shape, and imprint of OC on one side & on another 60mg.
  • Don’t chew, crush, and break the tablet.
  • Moreover, each power has a different mechanism rate inside the body.

How to use Oxycontin OC 60mg?

There are some safety measurements along with OC 60mg. You have to keep these directions in mind to overcome the rate of side effects. However, if you are neglecting or disobeying precautions so you may meet unhealthy symptoms. Therefore go with given below safeguards-

  • Intoxicants substances- You have to terminate the use of controlled substances such as alcohol, narcotics, and weed. These toxic materials can influence the mechanism rate of OC 60mg. Moreover, if you are addicted to these materials so kindly disclose it with your doctor. You can omit dosage, not treatment, if you are lying under these intoxicants. Report it to the doctor if you have taken a dose and toxic material together.
  • Ongoing drugs- It is neither safe nor advisable to use other medication & 60mg jointly due to interaction. Their interaction can lead to side effects such as extreme drowsiness and an unstable mindset. Kindly consult with the doctor if you are already lying under any treatment. You have to skip the use of this drug if your doctor doesn’t prescribe this manner.
  • During pregnancy- This drug should be avoided if you are in the phase of pregnancy or nursing. This drug has the potential to break down or terminate the development of the infant. Moreover, it should only be used when clearly required with a doctor’s consultation. Kindly consult with a gynecologist before planning to have a baby. Some cases have been noticed in the USA in infants.

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