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Abstract of oxycodone 15mg- 

Oxycodone 15mg is a well known potent analgesic and sold under the brand name of Roxicodone. Moreover, this drug is appropriate for short term use without any transformation. 15mg oxycodone helps to treat the grade of ongoing moderate to severe body’s pain in adult. This drug is available online and over the counter with a legal prescription

Caution- The extended-release form of this drug should be used around the clock treatment, not on an as-needed basis for pain. 

Oxycodone drug activated in several variations and 15mg is one of them. Therefore, you have to take a medical consultation to know about your adequate dose and treatment duration. To know more about its chemical composition so through given below characteristics- 

Oxycodone 15mg Drug class-

  • 15mg and other strengths come under the drug known as opioid narcotic
  • Therefore, it functions in the brain to transform the sense and response of the body towards pain. 
  • Moreover, this drug might become habit-forming if you are disobeying the prescribed duration. 

Control status- 

  • All forms of 15mg exist in schedule 2 controlled substances. 
  • Therefore, it has a high potential to cause drug dependency as related to schedule 3 and 4.
  • You have to run the treatment as directed by the physician to lower the impact of drug dependency. 


  • 15mg has a light green colour, round shape and imprint of M & 15.
  • FDA directed the usage of this drug in the USA in 1998.
  • Before reaching under therapy, meet your doctor and uncover the entire medical history.

Manner of using oxycodone 15mg- 

  • Kindly avoid the use of this drug and its other variants if you are under severe asthma or have a blockage in intestine or stomach. 
  • Abuse to opioids can lead to overdose, intense side effects and death. Therefore keep it in a place where others can’t reach. 
  • Go through the warning section and reactions before implementing treatment. If you have any doubt or query so, please consult with your physician or doctor.
  • You may take this drug with or without food orally as directed by the physician. However, if you are lying under severe nausea, so take this drug with food. Consult with a physician to know about other ways to diminish the nausea grade. 
  • While the treatment you have to avoid the usage of grapefruit juices and consumption due to side effects. Grapefruit can interact with the drug and may increase the rate of side effects. You should only take when your doctor prescribes. For further information, consult with your healthcare. 
  • Kindly don’t use household seen if you are using the concentrated solution of this drug because you will not get the right from it. Therefore use a measuring device to get the correct dose. Consult with a physician to know about other ways of taking liquid form.
  • Suddenly leaving the treatment may lead to serious side effects such as extreme drowsiness and dizziness. The therapy may stop gradually under supervision. Firstly consult with your doctor before making any change. Continue read oxycontin 20 mg blog Information…..

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