Some astonishing facts and stats about insomnia-

  • Women are more likely to encounter insomnia disorder as compared to men. Hormones and mood disorders are seen as the primary causes of sleep disorders in women. Types of Insomnia may vary from one woman to another. 
  • 25% of young children find symptoms of behavioral Insomnia. During behavioral Insomnia, children experience trouble in falling asleep and frequently waking up. 
  • It is notable; 75% of depression sufferers go through the symptoms of Insomnia. However, it might be short and long term as well. Basically, if one is under depression for a long so Insomnia can be long-term. In case if the depression is occurring from a stressful situation so it may persist for the short term. 
  • People who take Binge drink 2 to 3 times a week are 34% more expected to fall under Insomnia, as per the latest research by sleep deprivation statistics in America. 
  • Insomnia can cause severe medical conditions, and one of them is type 2 diabetes. Thus, if you find any complications in your sleeping habit, so call your doctor at the right time. As Desiderius Erasmus said, “Prevention is better than cure.” 
  • 4% of Americans in the US use prescription drugs by watching advertisements. And, surprisingly, women use sleeping pills more than men. 
  • 23% of Americans are seen under the symptoms of Insomnia due to stress and anxiety related to daily life challenges. Therefore, management of ongoing medical conditions at the right time is better than prevention. 

FAQ’s about Types of Insomnia- 

What is Insomnia or sleeplessness? 

Insomnia is seen as the common sleeping disorder in the 21st century amongst each age group. One goes through difficulty in falling asleep, trouble in staying asleep, and waking up frequently at midnight. Insomniac usually feel tiredness and slow performance rate after waking up. Insomnia has the potential to affect the quality of life energy level by leading to other health disorders. 

At various points in life, everyone goes through challenging times or stressful phase that can lead to short term insomnia. The duration of short term insomnia can be one night to a few weeks. Researchers believe, encountering short term insomnia doesn’t seem dangerous. Short term insomnia is also prominent as acute Insomnia. 

And when the influence of Insomnia persists for more than a few consecutive months. So, it might be the indication of a long term or chronic Insomnia. The causes of chronic Insomnia can be several such as medical conditions and traumatic events. Therefore, if you find the mild symptoms of Insomnia, so meet the doctor. 

What Are the Different Types of Insomnia?  

There are types of Insomnia that are classified as per their persistence duration. The diagnosis is necessary to know which type of Insomnia you are. Insomnia can be curable with the help of the right therapies and treatment. Insomnia has three major forms- 

Acute Insomnia- 

  • Acute Insomnia is also suggested to be short-term Insomnia, which lasts in the sufferer from 1 night to a week. 
  • Encountering the symptoms of short term insomnia is common and normal at various stages of life. 
  • It usually occurs when one goes through a stressful or traumatic situation. And as the situation gets over, it gets faded away. 
  • Besides, it doesn’t lead to other medical conditions instead of tiredness. Types of Insomnia depend on medical past history. 

Transient Insomnia- 

  • Transient is another type of Insomnia wherein one faces the symptoms of Insomnia, for example, trouble and difficulty in falling asleep. 
  • It lasts in the sufferer for less than a week. However, the duration may vary due to different health structures. 
  • In other words, the reason behind this type of Insomnia can be a stressful phase, changes in sleeping habits, and some medical disorders. 
  • Seek a doctor if you find the challenges in your day to day life due to this illness. 

Chronic or long term Insomnia- 

  • Chronic Insomnia lasts in the sufferer for a few months, and it might be increased if not cured. 
  • Studies say that short term or transient Insomnia can turn into chronic. 
  • Chronic Insomnia has the power to change the life structure by causing other disorders. 
  • Above all, it arises in the people who are already underlying psychiatric or other health issues. 

What causes insomnia? 

There are several possible causes of insomnia. However, the reason for occurrence may vary from person to person. Insomnia is treatable by several therapies if one seeks treatment at the right time. to know about the causes of insomnia, read below- 

  • Medical conditions- Several medical conditions, such as nasal block, sinus allergy, obstructive sleep apnea, etc., can lead to sleep disorders. Therefore, if you are under any such condition, so contact your doctor before it leads to other disorders. 
  • Psychiatric issue- Mental issues due to stress, anxiety, and depression may contribute to the occurrence of insomnia by affecting some natural chemicals in the brain. Anxiety and stress affect the balance of natural chemicals in the brain that arises the symptoms of insomnia.  

Traumatic and stressful environment

 Healthy environment helps to grab the 8 hours of sleep. But passing through with stressful event disturb the sleeping habits. A stressful phase might involve, the passing away of the closest one, family issues, relationship troubles, and so on. Therefore, decreasing the impression of the situation before it starts controlling you. 

  • Age- With growing age facing the lack of sleep is common. In other words, older adults find the challenges of falling asleep or staying asleep. The reason can be underlying medical conditions or many more. 
  • High usage of intoxicants- Intoxicants consumption in a high ratio can cause sleeping disorders. Therefore, if you are addicted to any such substance so limit the usage. 
  • Medications- usage of medication can also contribute to sleeping disorders. The medications might consist of CNS stimulants, antihistamines, hormonal medication, and more. So, if you find complications in your sleeping routine after the consumption of these medications, meet the doctor. 

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