Erectile dysfunction- causes, symptoms, factors, and future outcomes. 

Finding the challenges in sex drive at some stages of life seems common. And even though the reasons behind these challenges can be short term work associated with stress and anxiety. But as the ongoing event gets over, one gets the same pleasure from physical interaction with their partner. In case if the same problems exist for more than a few consecutive months. So, these complications might be the indication of sexual dysfunction. 

The sexual disorders can exist in men as well as women with growing age. Besides, disturbed sexual drive leads to an unhealthy relationship and becomes the reason for separation, divorce, and break-up. The notable, untreated sexual disease can cause other medical conditions. Therefore, speaking up at the right time can prevent you from future concerns.

Every man desire to be long and hard on the bed but facing the troubles like premature ejaculation, lack of libido, and weak erections hits hard somewhere in the relationship. These problems in males stand as the reason for being embarrassed and humiliated in front of a partner. 

Even searches lead that the most common sexual dysfunction amongst males in the 21st century in Erectile dysfunction. It is attacking millions of men each year globally. Even scientists believe ED specific cause may vary from victim to victim. But low testosterone level was identified as the major cause amongst the victim. Testosterone hormone plays an integral role in sexual growth. Above all, testosterone level falls in males by 2 to 3% each year after crossing the 60’s. to get adequate information about ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION causes, symptoms, and factors, read the below data- 

What does Erectile Dysfunction mean? 

Erectile dysfunction is classified as the most common sexual dysfunction amongst men. Sexologists believe and accept that men who are already under the impression of heart and diabetes problems are more likely to meet ED earlier than other men. And it has proved males between the age of 50 to 60 meets the mild to moderate ED. 

Some fast facts about Erectile dysfunction- 

  • Ed means in simple and understandable words is trouble in maintaining or getting a firm enough erection for the physical interaction with a partner. 
  • The causes of erection can be psychological and medical
  • Additionally, the natural causes of Ed can be underlying medical conditions that are affecting blood vessels. 
  • There are several prescription medicines, recreational medications, alcohol, and smoking habits that can instigate ED influence. 

Definition of ED in medical terms- Finding difficulty maintaining or getting enough firm erection for sex is known as erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it can also be recognized as impotence in males. 

Several factors, such as emotional and psychological, can lead to ED. The emotional and physical factors might consist of severe anxiety, long term depression, and a traumatic atmosphere. The influence of these problems is not only caused ED but can also generate premature ejaculation and lack of libido. 

Several medicines are available in the market, such as Viagra and Cialis, for the advanced treatment of Erectile dysfunction. However, these medications have adverse effects on physical and mental health. In case if you are under the mild symptoms of Ed, so medicines should not be the first priority. 

Some words from DR. Garnick- 

Ed is treatable by organic ways, such as quitting bad habits leading to sexual dysfunction in the males. In this way, you will not have to choose medications and spend a lot on their purchase. 

What are the central causes of Erectile Dysfunction? 

The reason for erectile dysfunction’s occurrence may vary from sufferer to sufferer. However, there are several possible causes mentioned by the scientists that might contribute to ED occurrence. 

#Psychological or mental health- 

  • For instance, factors that can cause severe depression, long-term anxiety, and unwanted relationships can affect the smoothness of sex drive. 
  • And the other reason can be low libido or low sexual performance-related concerns during sex. 
  • Problems in relationships and disagreements amongst couples can also affect sex life
  • Reviewing or memorizing the past stressful situations can also stand as another cause for unbalanced sex drive. 

#physical medical conditions- 

  • Underlying medical conditions and improper body’s functioning can cause inactiveness in sex drive. 
  • The medical conditions might include diabetes, heart problem, hormonal misbalance, and neurological disorder. 
  • Some chronic health disorders such as liver and kidney failure can also be the reason behind its occurrence. 
  • Medications such as antidepressant medicine opposite effects that can lead to sexual misbalances. 


  • Diabetes disease can harm the blood vessels required to get an erection or uphold an erection for sex. 
  • Even studies believe that person with Diabetes is more expected to fall under Ed as compared to non-sufferers.

#Prostate cancer- 

  • Men who are running under such medical conditions are at high risk of meeting the Erectile Dysfunction.