Impact of an anxiety attack on physical health-

Anxiety Attack is like a wildfire that keeps the person burning from inside. The invisible flames come out in the form of scary and painful thoughts. The world can’t see these flames, yet the person with anxiety find every moment unhealthy.

Encountering anxiety is common at various points of life; for example, when one sits on the rollercoaster for the first time gets nervous. However, the perseverance of anxiety for the long term can affect life quality with lots of physical and mental issues. However, if one speaks up on the right, the upcoming danger due to anxiety can be avoided.

During the anxiety attack-

  • The breathing rate may go up and down
  • The Heartbeat frequency gets increased
  • And the flow of blood to the brain gets low

The national institute of mental health proves that women are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder than men. The anxiety attack can occur at any stage of life but usually come during middle age. The traumatic situation, substance use disorder, and severe medical conditions can heighten the chances of falling under anxiety.

Anxiety disorder can affect the physical health by leading several medical conditions such as-

Central nervous system-

  • When the symptoms of anxiety last in the sufferer for a long duration, it leads the brain to release the stress hormone daily. This stress hormone increases troubles such as dizziness, headache, nausea, and depression. When one gets anxious and stressed, the brain overflows the nervous system with chemicals and hormones. Such hormones and chemicals are made to assist you during a problematic situation. For example, chemicals are adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones are occasionally helpful during stressful situations, but the long-term exposure of such hormones can impact physical health with problems. The problems might consist of weight gain and extreme fatigue all time.

Cardiovascular system-

  • The persistence of anxiety for the long term affects heart health badly with various diseases. The diseases might consist of increased heart rate, chest pain, and palpitation. And anxiety can affect the blood flow in the body that causes blood pressure issues and heart problems. Notable, if you are already under such conditions, the chances to meet the coronary effects increase. Therefore, if you are an anxiety victim, seek medical assistance before it contributes to other medical conditions such as physical and mental.

Digestive and excretory system- 

  • Anxiety seems like a versatile problem generator, and one of the major impacts can be seen on the digestive and excretory system. The sufferer usually encounters numerous digestive issues such as constipation, stomachache, diarrhea, and digestion problems. Sometimes, the loss of appetite and irregular appetite habit can also occur. Not sure, but some researches indicate there might be a connection between anxiety and IBS after a bowel infection. This condition leads to nausea, vomiting, severe constipation, and diarrhea. If you are under anxiety for a long, and find physical health complications, consult with the doctor before the situation worsens.

Immune system and anxiety impact-

  • As mentioned above, anxiety releases the hormones chemicals that are adrenalin and cortisol. This hormone increases the breathing and heart rate, so oxygen transfer to the brain gets high. This procedure prepares you to face the intense situation so that the future outcomes should be less dangerous. The immune system gets a boost by such activity, and the body gets back to normal functioning when the situation gets over. However, when one passes through the anxiety impact for the long term, it may weaken the immune system. And it causes severe infections and diseases in the body, and regular treatment may not work better.

Respiratory system- 

  • During the anxiety, one finds problems such as shallow breathing, rapid breathing, and obstructive breathing. If you are under COPD, you may be at a high risk of hospitalization due to anxiety symptoms. Notable, if you are under asthma and other such conditions so the problem might get more catastrophic.

Mental system- 

  • Anxiety shows a vital impact on mental health, too, by causing the fluctuation in mental stability. Most of the sufferers meet the problem in their sleeping schedule ad when the doctor diagnoses them, so they found under insomnia. During wakefulness, one tries to fall asleep but finds challenges. Therefore, seeking medical help at the right time is far better than facing bad outcomes.


                           Facing the symptoms of anxiety occasionally is normal, but its persistence can be fatal for the entire system. Therefore, if you feel your symptoms are getting worst, so seek a medical condition. Professional can suggest you the therapies as per the need. The therapies and treatment work accurately to lower the impact of such a condition.