Anxiety sounds normal and temporary, but it is not. Anxiety kills a person emotionally, mentally, and physically. It modifies the person by changing the life pattern and structure. In the 21st century, anxiety is common amongst each age group, but the existence of it for an extended period can be dangerous. Long term existence of anxiety can cause other health disorders such as depression and brain problems. Therefore, if you find any such symptoms, so try to cure them at the initial stage. 


  • Myth: anxiety is always dangerous!
  • Fact: Anxiety is not always dangerous; sometimes, it helps us predict the upcoming troubles by making us anxious. 


The intensity of the anxiety can be mild to severe, depends on the situation of the person. Feeling the symptoms of anxiety by passing through the stressful phase is not a big deal. But as the traumatic situation gets over, the sufferer feels well. 


Let’s talk about some surprising facts and stats about anxiety- 


  • Anxiety disorder is identified as the most common mental disorder in the USA. It affects 40 million people each year, ages between 18 years or older. The ratio out of 100 is 18.1%. 
  • Notably, anxiety symptoms are treatable by medical assistance and organic ways. Thus, only 39.1% of sufferers go for the treatment, and the remaining quantity tries to deal with it by themselves.
  • Anxiety sufferers are three to five more likely to go to healthcare, and six times more expected to be hospitalized for mental illness than those who are not under anxiety disorder.
  • It is fascinating that anxiety symptoms mostly occur in the people who are from Euro/Anglo culture as compared to those who are from Indian, African, and Latin culture. 
  • NAMI proves that anxiety usually develops before the age of 21. But the numbers of symptoms and intensity may vary from one to another. 
  • WHO says women are twice expected to fall under anxiety disorder as compared to men. 


Anxiety disorder in men and women- 


The report proves that women in the USA are more expected to meet anxiety disorders than men. However, the reason behind its occurrence and existence may vary from sufferer to sufferer due to different heath components and life patterns. 


Study the occurrence of anxiety disorder in males and females over a phase of 12-month:


  • Females had a ratio of 3.8 percent for panic disorder men had 1.6 percent.
  • For social phobia, women had a proportion of 8.0 out of a hundred than to 6.1 percent for men.
  • Women had a percentage of 3.4 associated with 1.9 percent for men for GAD.
  • Females had a rate of 5.2 percent, distinguished to 1.8 percent for men for post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Females had a rate of 1.8 percent compared to 0.5 percent for men for (OCD).
  • For adult separation anxiety disorder, women were under the rate of 2.1 percent compared to 1.7 percent for men.
  • Women had a proportion of 23.4 percent liked to 14.3 percent for men for anxiety.


What is an anxiety disorder? 


Anxiety and its related disorder are categorized under mental illness. Such illness can cause excessive fear, agitation, threat, and nervousness in the victim. The symptoms of anxiety can persist in the sufferer for the short and long term. 


The short term anxiety is not harmful, and it is common when passes through a traumatic situation. But as the traumatic situation gets over, the influence gets faded away. In contrast, long term anxiety exists in the sufferer for a long duration. And its effects can affect a person’s life if not treated at the right time. 


Studies believe that the reason can be various behind its occurrence. But, it may differ from one victim to another. In most cases, it takes place for the short term, but when it lasts for a long time. So it may lead to psychological and physical disturbance.


Some fascinating features of anxiety- 


  • Feeling the influence of anxiety is common at numerous points in life. It is counted normal to feel anxiety when one sits on the rollercoaster or goes for the interview for the first time. 
  • Remember, it is not always harmful, although it might seem annoying and frustrating. Sometimes these feelings are there to protect you from upcoming troubles. 
  • This illness doesn’t survive with the person for a lifetime. But when a person goes through such a situation, so one believes it will last forever. 
  • Anxiety is unpredictable by others. But it can be felt by those with the sufferer interact, meet or talk daily. 


Risk factors of anxiety disorder-


Researches disclose that genes and environmental aspects play a vital role in the growth of anxiety disorder. The dangerous factors for each anxiety existence may differ, but common causes might contain in all kind-


  • History of mental illness from one generation to another.
  • Some medical conditions can contribute to anxiety disorder, such as thyroid and heart arrhythmias. 
  • Running under the influence of stressful and traumatic events can also lead to anxiety attacks. 
  • Unhealthy relationships, toxic surroundings, and passing away of closest one.