9 Famous Women with ADHD that are Redefining the Disorder!

Do you know that even though females and males have medically the same symptoms, types, and number, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder takes a more significant toll on females? In the long run, women with ADHD face hormone fluctuation, restriction due to gender roles, and signs of self-harm or low self-esteem.

Today, we are celebrating women who have broken the disorder’s barrier and achieved success in their life. Some examples are going to surprise you.

Who are some Famous Women with ADHD?

These women have proven that no one can hold them back, not even ADHD.

    • Emma Watson: ADDitude Magazine had confirmed that our beloved character Hermione Granger was diagnosed with ADHD when she was a kid. However, she is not open to her condition.
    • Paris Hilton: In an interview with Larry King, the heiress and socialite open, talked about how she has been on medication for ADHD.
    • Zooey Deschanel: The famous actress has come open about her life with ADHD. She discussed how it’s living with ADHD feels like. Further, she also proudly stated that she does not take any medication for her condition.
  • Avril Lavigne: The famous Canadian singer-songwriter had the world shook at a very young age. However, she recalls getting kicked out of the classes for disturbing and misbehaving many times. She has been struggling with ADHD since a child; nonetheless, her parents supported her talent.
  • Agatha Christie: It is a very homey name for every Crime Reader or in literature. But it comes as a surprise that the famous writer showed signs of ADHD. However, she was not diagnosed and also suffered from dysgraphia.
    • Michelle Rodriguez: We have seen her in record-breaking movies as Lost and Fast & Furious. With an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, she willingly told her story. She shared her experience, difficulties, and how ADHD has not bounded her.
  • Karina Smirnoff: Famous athletes always strive for more. From various hobbies like ice skating to gymnastics, she is a five-time winner U.S. National Champion, World Trophy Champion. She uses medication to stay focused and control the symptoms of ADHD.
  • Simone Biles: The award-winning gymnast has won 19-time world championships and Olympic gold medals. She achieved all this even though she has difficulty with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Further, she has been on medication since her childhood.
  • Solange Knowles: Being of the people who failed to believe that she had ADHD. However, she became a famous singer, songwriter, and successful artist.

What are the common symptoms of ADHD in Women?

We have discussed some signs in the female that indicated ADHD is.

  • Her desk will always be home to stacks of paper.
  • If she tries to clear the mess, it only stays clean for a few days and goes back to being a mess.
  • She feels difficult in the office because of the noise and people.
  • You will find her either earlier at work or late, as it is the only time she can work without distraction or disturbance.
  • She puts all her effort into looking normal, so she can blend in without getting noticed.
  • Females are always stressing about unpaid bills, forgotten projects, or pending work.
  • She hates going out, social gatherings, or presenting herself to a group of people due to being shy.
  • Her mind wanders during a conversation until it is something that interests her.
  • You will find her having difficulty making friends or staying friends with someone for a long time due to the societal rules.
  • She talks more than anyone else when she is with her person.
  • While growing up, she has similar conduct as a tomboy.
  • They are always behind the bills and disorganized.
  • They spend a lot on products that will help them being organized but won’t use them.
  • Their home is still unorganized and cluttered.
  • She finds it hard to relax.
  • Females doubt themselves more often and get frustrated about not being able to be enough.
  • Women spend most of the time avoiding disasters or correcting mistakes that they do not move ahead with.
  • They are always emotional and sad about some or other things.