15 Benefits of a good night’s sleep

Benefits of a good night sleep

Benefits of Sleep – Sleep is what we all wish we had more of. But we still sacrifice it every time, be it for binge-watching or scrolling our Instagram feed. All we do is let our Sleep suffer and then complain the next day about being drowsy & dizzy all the time. In addition, You might be surprised to know that even a one-night bad sleep can have adverse effects on you both mentally & physically. 

Time & time again, we all have been through the benefits of Sleep, but still, nothing has changed. The role of good Sleep on our health has even been scientifically proven. Not getting enough sleep can lead to various health diseases, including obesity, low libido, diabetes, and even more.

Today we will try to outline the optimistic benefits that sleep has on every area of our life, be it “Psychological benefits of sleep” or “ Health-related benefits. 

Reasons Why Sleep is Important

Sleep Elevates your Immune System

  • Sleep helps the body release additional protein molecules that help strengthen the body’s ability to fight off infections & stay healthy.
  • Furthermore, Sleep provides essential support to our immune system and helps us recover faster after an illness.

Sleep Keeps your heart healthy 

  • Good Sleep keeps your heart & blood vessels healthy by releasing essential hormones.
  •  Lack of Sleep makes your heart work hard due to the released stress & cortisol. 
  • The risk of heart-related diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks elevates as you hamper your Sleep.

Sleep lowers the risk of developing Cancer

  • Not getting enough sleep increases the risk of developing cancer.
  • In addition, Most research has concluded that people who usually work at night tend to develop breast & colon cancer.
  • Sleep helps your body fight cancer and prevents it by releasing Melatonin.
  • Melatonin controls “Circadian Rhythm, “which protects you from Cancer.

Getting good sleep helps control blood sugar levels

  • Getting good sleep lowers the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 55%.
  • Sleep has been shown to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels by strengthening metabolism.
  • Lack of Sleep makes your blood sugar fluctuate at high levels.

Getting good sleep helps manage a healthy weight

  • People with a regular good night’s sleep tend to lose weight faster.
  • Good Sleep helps regulate the hormones that affect your appetite.
  • People with a lack of sleep tend to crave extra calories.
  • Lack of sleep lowers your metabolism resulting in adding extra pounds.

Sleep helps reduce stress

  • It helps your body & mind reduce stress from your day.
  • Sleep releases hormones that fight off your stress during the night.
  • Lack of Sleep Increases the stress hormones making you feel anxious the next day.
  • Your chances of developing depression & anxiety -related disorder fall by 60% as you sleep better.

Sleep improves your brain memory

  • Deep Sleep is beneficial for your brain to process memory and make connections easily.
  • Sleep increases your brain understanding & memory by the better process of experience & knowledge.
  • Sleep helps keep your brain memory healthy.
  • Lack of sleep makes your brain memory blurred & slurred.

Sleep increases your tendency to perceive information

  • During sleep, our brain captures all the critical elements that we have been through during our hectic day.
  • The brain filters all the information that we experience during the day during Sleep.
  • Research has shown positive effects on people gulping capacity with regular good quality Sleep.

Sleep helps you focus & concentrate better

  • Following a Good sleeping pattern elevates your brain power to be alert.
  • After a good night’s sleep, you will be able to focus much better.
  • Lack of sleep has been shown to lower the concentration gradually both in terms of quality & quantity.
  • Poor Sleep even lowers your problem-solving and creativity skills.

Sleep helps elevate your productivity

  • Sleep is directly linked with cognitive function.
  • Good Sleep boosts your productivity by lowering stress levels.
  • Getting enough Sleep repairs your muscles, making you feel energetic throughout the next day.
  • Lack of sleep makes you feel dizzy & anxious, making your productivity crumble.

Good Sleep = Good mood

  • Getting that good night’s Sleep uplifts your mood the next day.
  • Good Sleep helps keep your energy levels soar.
  • Life’s little challenges stop annoying you, and you feel relaxed. 
  • Good Sleep helps your body release feelings of joy and cheers.

You look more attractive

  • As you sleep, your body fights out all the toxins inside. 
  • Good Sleep makes your skin look more healthy and younger.
  • Sleep is beneficial Since it helps the body produce collagen that makes your skin look beautiful. 

You get to live longer as you sleep better

  • Getting a good night’s sleep reduces your tendency to develop diseases.
  • Good Sleep even lowers down your risk of developing cancer.
  • Poor Sleep shortens the lifespan.
  • During sleep, your body heals better and fights off every disease better, making you live longer. 

Sleep Improves your sex life

  • Low libido, low testosterone are directly linked with lack of sleep.
  • Sleep has shown a positive effect in boosting the sexual hormones in both males & females.
  • As you sleep better, you get to feel full sensation during sexual intercross.


Can Sleep Boost Your Immune System?

Yes, indeed, Sleep can boost your immune system by elevating the protein molecule. In addition, deep Sleep has been shown to effectively fight off toxins from the body, boosting the immune system.

Why is Sleep Important for students?

Sleep is as essential for anyone as for students. For students especially, Sleep helps them focus & concentrate more efficiently. In addition, it makes them perceive information easily. Furthermore, It even has been shown to help them study with full alertness and earn more grades.

How much sleep do we need as per the age? 
  • Firstly, As a toddler(3 to 5 years), you would need 10 – 13 hours of sleep.
  • Secondly, As a small boy(6 to 12 years), you need 9 – 12 hours of sleep.
  • Thirdly, As a teen (13 to 18 years), you would need 8 – 10 hours of sleep.
  • Lastly, As an Adult( 18 to 60 years), you would need 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Finally, As an elder (65 or above), you would need 7 to 9 hours of sleep.
Why is Sleep important for mental health?

Sleep is vital for us to eat healthy & exercise. Sleep not only keeps us healthy physically but mentally. Therefore, it is very beneficial for us. In addition, Sleep lets our body repair itself fully and keeps our immune system strong, making us stay away from toxic diseases. Furthermore, sleep prevents us from developing Anxiety & depression.


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